Certainly an impressive rolodex for a new innovation

Certainly an impressive rolodex for a new innovation

With an impressive client base including NASA, MIT, Airbus, and the US Government, CellBlock Fire Containment Systems is blazing a trail.

CellBlock FCS, the leading manufacturer of lithium-ion fire safety equipment, is on the west coast this week testing containment cases for large format EV batteries, while orders from all over the World stream in. From the elite flight decks of NATO allies to battery recall programs of mega tech companies, rigorously tested CellBlock FCS products are on their way to super safety stardom.

The flagship product of Cellblock FCS, the Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit (LIBIK), has permeated the Aerospace sector. The innovative kits have reached standard equipment status for some of the World’s largest airlines and manufacturers and are now being rapidly adopted by numerous other industries.

The threat of thermal runaway has been steadily increasing for over 10 years. The CellBlock FCS line of innovative gear is relentlessly improved to minimize dangers, bringing life to some of the most impressive safety gear in generations.

Increased need for high watt hour battery storage and containment led to larger and more formidable cases and cabinets, which have spread to other industries including technology labs, power equipment manufacturers, mining companies, marine operations and EV production.

The proprietary Fire Containment Panel technology, as well as deployment of the all natural fire suppressant CellBlockEX make these systems desirable for all safety and health officers looking to maximize safety while eliminating risk.

Recent innovations including Exhaust Monitoring Systems, home battery encasements, and the 6T series case for containing military battery muscle.

If you have not heard of CellBlock FCS until today, keep them on your radar. They show no signs of slowing down.

CellBlock FCS — Trusted by the safest brands on Earth.

Certainly an impressive rolodex for a new innovation