Emergency Damp Proofing Services Available In Essex

Emergency Damp Proofing Services Available In Essex

Is Your Essex Home Coping With The Severe Weather?

If you notice that your property is struggling with the effects of severe weather, then you may have a damp proofing emergency on your hands.

Essex has experienced a snowy, cold start to the year, resulting in yellow weather warnings put out by the Met Office. With further snow, rain and sleet yet to arrive, residents are naturally heading indoors and cranking up the thermostat in a bid to stay warm until Spring arrives. But whilst holed up inside, homeowners need to take note of any signs that their property has succumbed to damp. If you’re looking to keep the weather on the outside this winter, then make yourself aware of how to identify the various types of damp and what you can do in an emergency situation.

Understanding Different Types Of Damp

The two varieties of damp that may present an emergency situation in your home are penetrating or rising damp. Condensation from within the home can also cause damp to form due to a lack of ventilation.

In the case of penetrating damp, this is where excess water enters your property at any level, usually due to defective building work. For example, water dripping in through your upper bedroom ceiling may be caused by cracked pointing or a loose roof tile that has been damaged during strong winds. Alternatively, large patches of damp found along the walls of your living room may be due to leaky gutters. Faulty pipework within the interior of your home can also be the cause of penetrating damp; this is prevalent during winter when pipes freeze and burst and an undetected leak occurs.

Rising damp is different to penetrating damp – it still involves excess water entering into your property, but only from the ground up. If heavy rain may cause water to collect and the ground become saturated and if there is damp proof course then you may find tell-tale signs of damp such as tidemarks no more than a metre high appearing above the skirting boards and on the walls of your ground floor rooms. Other signs that damp has taken hold include, bubbling or cracked plasterwork.

Conducting A Damp Proofing Assessment

If your Essex property is succumbing to the effects of bad weather and you find yourselves in the midst of a damp emergency, then the first thing to do is to call out a local specialist damp proofing company in Essex. A professional company will begin by conducting an assessment including a damp survey of your home to verify the full extent of the problem.

They’ll be looking to identify the source of the damp which may be obvious in a severe weather scenario. However, in other cases it may be that your property has also been suffering from less evident damp for some time – in this scenario, the damp proofing team will be looking for signs of longer-term damage such as timber decay, dry rot and infestations of pests such as woodworm.

Damp Proofing Solutions

Depending on the severity of the condition, the damp proofing surveyor can recommend a number of treatment options to remedy the particular problem your property is faced with. This may include installing a chemical damp-proof course, applying wall treatments or installing a below ground waterproofing system such as cavity drainage and tanking to counteract the rising damp problem. In addition and as part of the ongoing property maintenance, it will be essential that you stop the source of the water ingress and in the case of condensation, consider updating your ventilation system and extractor fans to ensure that condensation isn’t a problem as you crank up the heating inside.

If your Essex property is noticeably struggling with the bad weather and signs of damp, then it’s essential that you call out professional damp proofing experts as soon as you notice any concerning signs. The longer you leave damp to fester, the more of a problem it will become.


Emergency Damp Proofing Services Available In Essex