Over £4.7bn worth of business up for grabs despite the economy being on lockdown

Over £4.7bn worth of business up for grabs despite the economy being on lockdown

Cambridgeshire-based lead generation company Meet Hugo has produced an in-depth infographic highlighting business growth figures during the lockdown period.

They’ve highlighted the value and availability of government tenders, and how that breaks down based on regions throughout the UK.

To do this the team sourced a variety of tender opportunities, which amounted to £4.7bn across the country, and the IT, finance and property industries performed highly in this regard, reaching a combined £682m.

The company also identified significant growth across various sectors from within their system during the lockdown, and how that looks across ten private sector industries. The fantastic news is that between the start of the lockdown to the middle of April, Meet Hugo uploaded over £62m worth of private sector leads into their platform from these industries.

Alongside this, the company is also delighted to announce the start of their Bounce Back competition, which gives SME’s the chance to win an annual subscription to their specialised lead platform, giving them the opportunity to access some of the work available out there at the moment.

“The idea behind this was to highlight that although the economy is struggling during the outbreak, there are positives for businesses looking to grow during this challenging period.” Said Meet Hugo’s founder, Ben Harper.

Ben continued, “the disruption and challenges posed by this unusual situation have placed a burden on every single one of us, so it was important to us that we were able to share some optimistic news and further our commitment to helping businesses grow”.

Lockdown in the UK was announced back in March, and there has rightly been many queries and anxieties as to the impact these past weeks of strict lockdown may have had on UK markets.

Every organisation, from new businesses to established international firms, are required to be far more adaptable as the situation changes, to ensure their business is able to survive in a post-pandemic world.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bounce Back competition, visit the blog: https://meethugo.com/bounce-back-competition-free-annual-subscription/


Over £4.7bn worth of business up for grabs despite the economy being on lockdown