Why the obvious solution isn’t always the best

Why the obvious solution isn’t always the best

It’s a well-known fact that hydration in the workplace is an incredibly important consideration. With research showing that a properly hydrated workforce is happier, healthier and more productive; providing a high-quality drinking water system to encourage hydration is a simple way to give a big boost to a business.

As creators of the world’s most advanced drinking water systems, Zip Water UK knows the importance of encouraging employees to stay hydrated. Here it looks at why facilities managers should consider a mains-fed filtered drinking water system over a traditional water cooler.

Why is hydration important?

Water has a huge impact on our bodies, which isn’t hard to believe considering our brains are around 70 percent water and bodies 50 to 70 percent.

Drinking regularly helps to regulate our body temperature, protects our organs and tissues and helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients to then carry them to cells in the body.

In contrast, not being adequately hydrated can be more detrimental than you might believe. Studies have shown that your hydration level can affect cognitive function, cause negative moods, fatigue and reduce alertness . Even a mere one percent drop in hydration can lead to a 12 percent drop in productivity.

What’s the solution?

With a kettle and a tap often not suitable for the needs of busy workplaces, for many facilities managers, a traditional water cooler springs to mind. It might tick the ‘tastes better than tap water box’ but there are many other considerations it just doesn’t fulfil. To get the best quality filtered drinking water, a mains-fed system is the way to go. Able to be retrofitted or designed into a new project, these systems are the most beneficial for the user, the customer and the environment.

Why a mains-fed system and not a water cooler?

Many water coolers require the use of five-gallon containers. To avoid running out of water, several containers at any one time will need to be stored on the premises. Not only do these take up storage space, but the awkward shape and heavy weight makes them hard to transport across the office.

In contrast, mains-fed filtered drinking water systems that work in place of, or alongside regular kitchen taps have under-counter units, so counter space stays free and functional and there’s no need for storage cupboards filled with large containers.

Additionally, replacing the containers themselves can be an expensive business. Those low up-front costs will soon begin to build with the rate in which water is consumed. Plus, any issues with the delivery being delayed may mean access to drinking water could become restricted and productivity may be impacted.

And it’s not just the practical viewpoint that needs to be considered; a water cooler can also have a negative effect on the social atmosphere of an office.

A social and collaborative environment can be crafted with simple changes such as creating a welcoming communal kitchen. Contrastingly, the lack of social space created by installing a water cooler in an available corner of an office floor can have the opposite effect.

Open and flexible spaces encourage collaboration, creativity and interaction between staff, which can be easily achieved by utilising the communal areas such as the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen with a mains-fed filtered drinking water system at the centre can act as both a place for work and socialising; creating a setting where conversation can flow, and ideas can be nurtured.

Why the environment should be front of mind

In today’s world, perhaps the most important consideration should actually be the affect our actions have on the environment.

The use of plastic containers that come with the majority of water coolers is incredibly damaging. With a regular plastic bottle taking 450 years to decompose, a quick decision to purchase a water cooler will continue to affect our planet for centuries.

And it’s not just the plastic that’s damaging either. The extra fuel used to carry out the deliveries of replacement containers will fill our atmosphere with even more CO2 pollution.

However, with a mains-fed drinking water system, regular deliveries aren’t needed and by providing refreshing, filtered water and reusable bottles or glasses, staff have no need to go out and buy plastic bottles, so the need for single-use plastic is cut out completely.

The environment is also important to consider particularly if you are looking for your office building to gain sought-after accreditation such as BREEAM or The WELL Building Standard. A mains-fed drinking water system that uses energy saving technology and cuts out the use of single-use plastic would meet some of the sustainability criteria, helping you to achieve those accreditations.

The conclusion?

When you stop to look at the whole picture, it’s clear that the go-to water cooler may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

At Zip Water UK we offer the widest range of drinking water systems and water options on the market, giving you the choice and flexibility to specify the perfect solution. Our WRAS-approved HydroTap range allows you to select your preferred combination of instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, from a single tap. We can even provide a 5-in-1 option which includes unfiltered hot and cold water, as well as filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling. The convenience of boiling water at the touch of a button means that staff no longer have to wait for the kettle to boil and queue for drinks – another great way of increasing productivity. Plus, it’s more energy efficient too.

In order to choose the right drinking water solution for the business you’re working with, it is vital to work with an expert supplier that will be able to advise on which system will suit the requirement best. It’s important to take into account the number of employees, the level of demand and the space available. By making hydration a critical part your wellness strategy, you can help to ensure that you not only meet your legal obligations but also create a healthier, more productive workforce that will enhance the business’s ability to compete in the marketplace.

Having to worry about essential filter changes, servicing and scale management is less than ideal – so we’ve designed our HydroCare service plan to look after all of this for you. Regular pre-scheduled visits mean you can be sure your Zip HydroTap will stay in peak condition. With more than 90 directly-employed engineers around the UK and Ireland, you can rest assured that support is on hand when you need it.

With all these benefits and more, it makes sense to thoroughly consider all the options available so you can choose the best possible drinking water system for your office and gain complete peace of mind.


Why the obvious solution isn’t always the best